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Han Fei Zi (ca-280--233) - Le Hanfeizi - Quelques courts extraits

Han Fei Zi était d'extraction noble et a eu pour maître Xun Zi. Sa pensée a manifestement également parfaitement intégré celle du Laozi. Le Hanfeizi est considéré comme un ouvrage politico-philosophique appartenant au mouvement légiste.

Section 5

The Way is the beginning of all beings and the measure of right and wrong. Therefore the enlightenened ruler holds fast to the beginning in order to understand the wellspring of all beings, and minds the measure in order to know the source of good and bad. He waits, empty and still, letting names define themselves and affairs reach their own settlement. Being empty he can comprehend the true aspect of fullness, being still, he can correct the mover. Those whose duty is to speak will come forward to name themselves ; those whose duty is to act will produce results.
When names and results (litt. forms) match, the ruler need do nothing more and the true aspect of all things will be revealed.

...though he has worth, he does not display it in his deeds, but observes the motives of his ministers. Though he is brave.... he allows his subordinates to display their valor to the full... though he discards wisdom, his rule is enlightened...

The Way lies in what cannot be seen, its function in what cannot be known. Be empty, still and idle, and from your place of darkness observe the defects of others.

Section 8

Both Heaven and man have their destiny...
Do not let your power be seen. Be blank and actionless. [Government's source] is in the center...
Sit in darkness and observe the light...
Act with the two handles of of reward ans punishment, act and never cease : this is what is called the path of the principle.
Attend diligently to these matters, await the decree of Heaven, do not lose hold of vital point...

Follow the way of Heaven, reflect on the principle behind human affairs; investigate, examine, compare these things,... compare names, differenciate events, comprehend their unity... Be empty, quiet and retiring.
When names and results match then superior and inferior will achieve harmony.


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